#11. Get The Last Laugh: The Best Witty Comeback Ever?

Are you ever left frantically searching around in your head for a witty comeback just at the right moment?

When somebody makes a joke at your expense in a group of people, it’s virtually impossible to think up a brilliant response, especially when all eyes are on you.

Today we’ll change that! No longer will you be the butt of a joke, only to think up a devastatingly witty response on the bus home.

Think of it as a canned witty retort, with a 100% success rate of saving face and having the last laugh!

The One Where Everybody Laughs At You

You know the story: you’re in a group of people, relaxing, having fun – when suddenly, you find yourself on the receiving end of a joke, prank or putdown…

Maybe you turn up to the bar and one of your group hits you with “Look at that, he’s always wearing that lame t-shirt!”

You’re in the firing line. Everybody laughs at their crushing remark.

Fire back this simple retort, either with a cheeky smile or a scornful frown:

“I assumed I was amongst friends!”

This takes the joke at your expense and steamrolls over it, reminding your group that you have a rock-solid sense of humour and unshakable confidence – and it never fails to get the last laugh.

You can make it fit with your personality by saying it either playfully or sternly. Either way, you’re showing that you refuse to acknowledge the joke on its merits, only instead calling out the group on their “hostility” (even if it was in jest!)

Try it!

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6 thoughts on “#11. Get The Last Laugh: The Best Witty Comeback Ever?add yours
  1. Roger said: #

    i would love to see some more variations on this one.

    Because in my language this specific hack won’t work.

  2. George said: #

    Nice come back what if your colleagues continue to make fun of your shirt ? is there another come back

  3. Graeme said: #

    George, how about “guys, this joke had had a long and distinguished career but it needs to know when it’s time to retire”.

  4. Sym said: #

    I think this line sounds a bit hurtful. It may only work if delivered perfectly.
    Here’s what I could say :
    “Yeah – it makes me more attainable” (frown smile)
    “I’m only human” (arms open, palms facing up)
    “I tried not to make you jealous” (narcissistic)
    “Stop it, you’re gonna make me cry. You’re so cool!” (irony)

    But here again, delivery is key.

  5. Thanks for your comments guys – keep up the good work!

    Roger, what is your first language out of interest?

  6. Sym – thanks for your input. You are of course correct, delivery is key!

    Stay tuned for the Convohack ‘HOW TO’ podcasts and seminars where we’ll show you how to deliver!

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